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Why should I hire a private investigator?

You might be tempted to trail a cheating spouse, look for hidden assets or search for criminal evidence on your own, but that’s rarely a good idea. Without proper training and experience, you risk wasting time and money, overlooking important information or putting yourself in danger, especially if you’re gathering information on someone with a criminal background or something important to lose. A licensed private investigator is trained in surveillance techniques and other investigative methods, and knows what is permissible under law, so there is less risk of having information thrown out during legal proceedings. An investigator can also look at your case objectively without being distracted by emotion.You wouldn’t trust your health to anyone but a doctor, so it makes sense to hire a trained, experienced professional when you need to find the truth.

How much do PI services cost?

Loux Investigations offers a free consultation during which we’ll discuss your case and determine the best way to proceed. If you decide to move forward, we’ll draw up a written contract and you will be charged $75 per hour. Of course all charges will be fully documented.

What happens after I hire you?

First, we’ll sign a written contract specifying the details of your case and the financial arrangements. Next, we’ll assign one of our professional investigators to the case and ask you a number of questions to be certain we have as much background information as possible. In other words, we need to know what you already know. At that point, we’ll put all our resources, skills and experience to work for you, and we’ll discreetly keep you updated as we gather the information you need.

How long does an investigation last?

The amount of time needed to complete a case depends entirely on the type of information you’re seeking and the difficulty of obtaining it. Some cases can be resolved in a few days while others take weeks or even months. L.S.I’s policy is to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize both the expense and the amount of time needed to resolve your case.

How will I know what’s happening with my case?

As our investigation proceeds, we’ll keep you informed in the manner you prefer. For example, a corporate client might want to receive weekly written reports while someone investigating a cheating spouse would prefer a more discreet method. Phone calls, e-mails, formal reports – we’ll keep you up to date in the most appropriate manner for your particular situation.

What types of equipment will you use to investigate my case?

Loux Investigations uses the most up-to-date equipment for every facet of the investigative process. We have access to long-range video and digital photography, covert cameras, GPS trackers, the latest technology for conducting thorough background checks, and much more. We will use every method legally available to gather the information needed to resolve your case.

Will my information be kept confidential?

L.S.I. is committed to keeping all information about your case completely private and confidential, both during your investigation and after it is complete.

Do you guarantee results?

No one can guarantee that an investigation will successfully uncover the information you’re looking for. However, Loux investigators will do everything in our power to find the truth and bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion.

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